The Center

ierre Binétruy Center (Centre Pierre Binétruy) is a CNRS-UCB International Research Laboratory located on the Berkeley Campus.
In the CNRS structure the Center is a Unité Mixte International, UMI2007.

The Center animates and supports research in astroparticle and cosmological physics by helping research projects involving bilateral collaborations between Berkeley- and France- based research groups. The Center's aim is to increase the impact, role, and visibility of France-based researchers and French research groups within those collaborations, while improving their global competitiveness and extending their overall impact and legacy.

The Center builds on decades of successful collaborations between CNRS and UCB researchers in the areas of astroparticle and cosmological physics. These include a high-profile detection of the acceleration of the Universe's expansion using supernovae observations (Nobel Prize 2011, Perlmutter et al 1999), the first detection of cosmic microwave background polarization B-mode signal power on small angular scales as well as gravitational lensing potential determination using polarization data (POLARBEAR Collaboration 2014a,b,c), or dark matter searches (), among  many others.

The Center will continue to support existing collaborative efforts and will be fostering new collaborations and promoting new original ideas and approaches, which can benefit from existing complementarity and synergies between Berkeley and France research groups.

The Center is set up for the initial period of 5 years starting on Jan 1, 2020. It is hosted by the Department of Physics of the University of California at Berkeley and  located in the LeConte Hall on the Berkeley Campus.

The current directors of the Center are: Prof. Saul Perlmutter (UCB and LBNL) and Dr. Radek Stompor (CNRS).

The support for the Center comes from the CNRS's Institute for Nuclear and Particle Physics (IN2P3) and UCB Dept. of Physics.

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