The Mission

he Center's overall mission is to support French-Berkeley collaborations in the area of astroparticle and cosmological physics and in doing so to promote and motivate impactful, original, collaborative research on the highest level.

The Center will assist some of the most successful, existing projects, which already have been benefiting  from well-established, strong French-Berkeley collaborations. It will work to help them to maintain their competitive-edge in their respective science areas and to assist their transformation into the next generation of efforts necessary for reaching novel science goals as posed for astroparticle physics and cosmology for the forthcoming decade.

The Center will also motivate and encourage new efforts in particular those based on new, exciting ideas and/or implementing novel, promising approaches capable of extending the reach of the current experiments and which can capitalize on existing France-Berkeley synergies.

The Center will  work to increase participation and visibility of France-based researchers within those collaborations, at Berkeley, and globally.

The Center will provide new educational and research opportunities for France-based PhD students, postdoctoral and junior researchers.

It will provide support and guidance for French visiting researchers and work as a point of contact for them in Berkeley.

It will organize meetings and workshops, animate and participate in outreach activities both in France and at Berkeley.

The Center will develop a pro-active fundraising strategy in France, Europe, and the US.