Members, affiliates, & visitors of the Pierre Binétruy Center

We anticipate three main levels of involvement in the Center's activities:
a) members - including French researchers on long-term visits (>6 months) at the Center in Berkeley, as well as Berkeley faculty involved in the administration of the Center. The members are expected to use Center's affiliations on all their papers produced or originated while in Berkeley in addition to all the other affiliations they may have.  In particular, the French members on a leave of absence from their home laboratory will typically maintain their home lab affiliation. Later, this category will also include post-doctoral researchers supported by funds dedicated to the Center.
These are the members who define the Center's major projects, coordinate the Center's involvement in those with help and support of the Center.
b) affiliates - Berkeley faculty actively involved in the Center, and French collaborators (typically doctoral and post-doctoral students, and young researchers) of the Center members. They are expected to include the Center's affiliation on publications relevant to the Center's activities.
c) visitors - short term visitors, typically partially supported by the Center's funds. These are typically expected in the initial stages of setting up the collaboration or project. The visitors should acknowledge the Center on all publications conducted, helped, or initiated during their visit(s). The visitors supported by the Center funds will be asked for short summary of their activities during their visit(s).


CNRS-UCB International Research Laboratory, "Centre Pierre Binétruy", UMI2007


We acknowledge partial support of the CNRS-UCB International Laboratory, "Centre Pierre Binétruy", UMI2007.
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Members and affiliates (Jan, 2020)
  • Hamza El Bouhargani (PhD student, affiliate)
  • Robert Cahn (deputy director, member)
  • Baptiste Jost (PhD student, affiliate)
  • Adrian T. Lee (UCB prof, affiliate)
  • Clément Leloup (postdoc, affiliate)
  • Reynald Pain (CNRS researcher, affiliate)
  • Saul Perlmutter (co-director, member)
  • Radek Stompor (co-director, member)