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Sept 26, 2019. The Center's founding documents are signed during a ceremony at 375 Le Conte Hall on the Berkeley Campus by Prof. Paul Alivisatos, the University of California at Berkeley vice-chancellor and prevost, on behalf of the University, and Dr. Alain Schuhl,  director general for science of National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), for the CNRS. The ceremony was attended by the representatives from the Berkeley Lab (LBNL), CNRS's National Institute for Nuclear and Particle Physics (IN2P3), UCB Physics Department, LBNL's Physics Division, and French Consulate in San Francisco.

Jan 01, 2020. The Center becomes officially operational.

Jan 07, 2020. The arrival of the Center's first visitors: PhD students from the IN2P3's AstroParticle and Cosmology Laboratory, Baptiste Jost and Hamza El Bouhargani. They work with the group of Prof. Adrian T. Lee (UCB) collaborating on the development of data analysis techniques and a pipeline for the forthcoming CMB polarization experiments, Simons Array and Simons Observatory.


Jan 14, 2020. A visit of the French Ambassador to the United States, M. Philippe Etienne. The visit included a series of short presentations introducing the Center and its science, including a science talk on modern cosmology by Prof. Saul Perlmutter (UCB/LBNL) and a visit to the CMB instrumentation laboratory of Prof. Adrian T. Lee. (UCB).

Spring 2020. The first scientific steering committee meeting. (planned)

Spring-summer 2020. A series of informational meetings and brain-storming sessions with the cosmo and astro-particle research groups at the IN2P3 Labs. (planned)

 More actions coming soon ...